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Allison Vaillancourt

Allison Vaillancourt has been on the SVP Tucson Board of Directors since 2020. She is a Co-Lead Partner for the Make Way for Books Advisory Team, one of SVP’s CEO coaches, and the leader of SVP’s HR Taskforce. In her professional life, Allison is Vice President for Organizational Effectiveness at Segal, a North American consulting firm. Prior to joining Segal in 2020, she was at the University of Arizona, where she served as Vice President of Business Affairs and Human Resources and was an award-winning professor of practice in the School of Government and Public Policy and Honors College.

Allison is a regular columnist for the Chronicle of Higher Education, a popular national speaker, and the author of The Organizational Politics Playbook: 50 Strategies to Navigate Power Dynamics at Work.

Passionate about helping people achieve their goals, Allison recognizes that building social capital and navigating organizational dynamics are critical skills are critical for achieving personal and professional aspirations. She is committed to helping others develop these abilities and her contributions are helping to position SVP Tucson as a leader in our city-wide 2Gen collaboration.

Allison Vaillancourt
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