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Eric Kutscher

Eric is an SVP partner and member of the SVP Tucson Board of Directors, and in addition he serves on an advisory team and as a coach. Eric brings many skills from his 25+ year career as an academic, clinical practitioner, and business leader. He has served on numerous boards for various non-profits as well as an elected leader of various nonprofits. Eric has helped these organization in many different areas with a focus on strategic planning, program development and leadership development.

He has additional experience with business startup and turnaround management, employee relations, career development and succession planning, cultural excellence, and hardwiring excellence into business operations. Eric enjoys leading through change and continually developing organizations and individuals to effectively manage through challenges.

Eric has worked to organize and coordinate moving parts within the medical system to “bring everything together” for the patients. He is passionate about creating easy and supportive systems for patients to interact with. In addition, he advocates for mental health access for all ages and deeply cares about how mental health affects the children in our community.

Eric Kutscher
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